Sunday, February 21, 2010

about a boy...

When I was 25 I had a nervous breakdown, well not completely, but I was dancing on tiptoes right on the edge.  One of the main things that got me through was my sister-in-law's pregnancy.  It was like God sent my nephew to me through her.  He could not be more mine if I had (in his words) borned him myself. 

In his toddler and earlier years we noticed he had many quirks.  He was hypersensitive to sound and had all these irrational fears.  We thought he was just a unique individual.  When he started school it finally came out that he was Autistic.  Though, very high-functioning.  His main thing is Asperger's syndrome.  That is where the fear, hypersensitivity, and the lack of social skills come from.  Like people you see on tv, he has a brilliant mind.  It's just really hard for him to focus on things he is not interested in, school is a horror, but sit him down in front of the computer and he is a genius.  I taught him a lot in the beginning and now he teaches me.  He is 13 now.  The older he gets the less you can tell his problems.  He does terrible in school and doesn't have any good friends.  Kids can be so freaking mean, especially to kids who are different and he is such a unique person.  I mean the way he interprets things we say is amazing.  He takes everything you say literally.  You can't use sarcasm, my God so hard for me :), for example the first thing that comes to mind is this; I was taking him home one day and he was laying in the back seat with his shoes and coat off and I said Adam get your shit together we're almost there, he sat up and with the most perplexed look on his face he says to me, but Mandy I don't have any shit.  I mean he is THAT literal. 

I wish I could convey in words how much I love him and how special he is.  To me and my Mom he is the whole world.  He is my brother's child.  He and his wife split up when Adam was about 2.  He is a piece of garbage deat-beat-dad.  Adam has not seen him in several years.  Basically I am his Dad.  He is with me every weekend and when he's out of school.  He is a spoiled rotten brat, but we have tried so hard to make up for all his hardships.  He didn't asked to be borned, lol he has his own language.  To elaborate on that, here are some of his words, borned of course meaning born, yesternight meaning last night, his testicles are circles, if I wasn't trying I could think of a whole list but that's all I can come up with now. 

Please pray for my baby boy, it's just like the saying goes, everyone is the whole world to someone.
The photo is my silly boy at the beach age 5.

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