Thursday, February 18, 2010

back in black

Praise the Lord, hallelujah and amen!  The tax checks are in our account.  I actually just got to go to the grocery store and buy stuff I didn't need!  Who would think that would make your day.  My checking account is WAY in the black, and car payment caught up.  Life is Good!!!  I want to go shopping but I MUST CONTROL MYSELF!!!  I'm waiting for the mail man to bring my Pell Grant check.  I have been stalking him all week!  My one splurge is going to be an aquarium.  I've wanted one for a while, my landlords don't allow pets so that is taking the place of the himalayan kitten I want so desparately.  I think the aquarium will be good for me too.  Laying on my bed listening to the filter and watching my little fishes I think will be very calming, don't you think?  I have no idea what kind of fish I'm getting yet.  I really want bettas they are the prettiest but they kill each other and I don't need that.  I will post pics when I get it all set up.  Cross your fingers for me, I'm going to peep out of the blinds and search for the mail man, lol!

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debby said...

yes, get some fish there are very calming and the way thing are today you need something to keep you calm! Happy fish shopping!