Saturday, February 20, 2010

bad blogger

I have been neglecting this for a few days.  I did get my aquarium on Thursday.  I haven't got it set up yet, and I'm going to pick out some fish in a few days.  I know I'm getting 2 kissing fish (Edward & Bella :) ) but other than that really don't know.  The folks at Petco were awesome.  They helped me pick out everything I needed.  I got this little ceramic house with a thatched roof to put in, it is SO cute, looks just like a fairy cottage.  I'm going to Walmart to get a bucket to fix the water with, you have to make sure the water is the right temp and ph before you put in your fish.  The guys at Petco told me to wait and come back on Tuesday, that's when they get there shipments.  I'll post a pic this evening when I get it set up.

I've been kind of sick too.  I am a diabetic and my 'wonderful ' side effect is when my sugar gets too high I start throwing up.  My favorite candy is Robin's eggs around Easter and I found a bag at Target the other night.  I ate too many and got deathly sick.  I threw up blood and when I stood up blood was pouring out of my nose and my head felt like it was just full of blood.  My face is broken out with petechia, I look like a freak with red splotches all over my face.  I'm feeling a lot better now, but let me assure you the thoughts of eating sugar is the farthest thing from my mind.  I hate that it took that to do it, it scared the crap out of me, but I am scared to eat candy so maybe that's a good thing. 

I got my car payments caught up, made a huge payment online yesterday.  Then this guy calls me and says he was not putting that payment through because my check bounced before and he called my band and knew how much money I had so I better go get cash and wire it through western union.  He talked to me like I was a piece of trash.  He said you don't have a job and if you don't make your payment today I will come get your car and you will NOT get it back.  He just went off on a tirade.  Completely uncalled for, being that I had already made the damn payment he just wouldn't accept it.  Why the hell would my bank tell him how much money I have?  His exact words were, I know you have 4000 in the bank, I called to see how much money you had so why don't you make your payment?  I yelled at the top of lungs I'm going to western union you'll get it today GOODBYE!  and slammed down the phone.  I was so upset I couldn't believe he talked to me that way, I cried my eyes out.  Think about it, that was the icing on the cake after the bloody morning I'd had.  Well, my Mom was livid.  She actually called them back and raised hell that he talked to me that way.  I tried to get her to not call but she wouldn't listen.  She told them what happened and that he talked to me like a dog and he owed me an apology.  Of course no one ever called me back, but I didn't expect them to.  It's been a hell of a few days.  I must close now I'm taking my nephew to Walmart.  He is my little angel Adam.  I'll write about him tonight.

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