Monday, February 8, 2010

Guido? oh hell no!

Urban Dictionary defines guido as, "A sad pathetic excuse for a male; not necessarily of Italian descent, but most likely; usually native to the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area." This is a perfect description for the idiocy that is Jersey Shore. I have never watched the show, but you don't have to. They are EVERYWHERE! I don't understand why. Maybe it is the train wreck effect. You know like the worse the wreck the harder it is to look away? There's a "man" who has named himself The Situation. What? They also have this fist pump dance, I want to gag every time I think of it. These guys are greasy, orange skinned, losers, and the dumber they are the more money they will make. Have you ever heard any of them being interviewed? The whole lot of them are imbeciles. Wait a minute, I'm slamming them, but giving them publicity at the same time. This must end now!

Peace, love, and faeries,


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