Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Ashes

I just finished Little Ashes on Netflix, which by the way I don't know what in the world I did before Netflix.  For 8.99 a month I get unlimited instant video.  Anyway that is off topic.  I really expected this movie to suck.  I don't know why, maybe the pictures I've seen of scenes from the film.  I was pleasantly surprised. 

I am a fan of the Biopic, so that was a plus and I really didn't know anything about Dali other than his art, I dig surrealism.  Anyway Robert Pattinson was brilliant in this part.  He transformed himself from Teen Idol to accomplished actor in this role.  He should have gotten an award for this part.  Yes, I'm biased when it comes to him, but if I'd never seen him before I would have respected him after seeing this.  He spends the better part of the movie LOOKING insane and the rest of it acting that way.  There are NO parallels in this role and anything he has done before.  He captured the eccentric essence of Dali and I am really proud of him.  It is brilliant, a must see.  In this photo Rob reminds me of Gomez Addams, if you're too young to know who that it, go to hell.  LOL!

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