Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Edward,

It suddenly occurred to me, here I have been blogging for a week and not once have I mentioned the love of my life, Edward Cullen.  Please don't confuse this with Robert Pattinson love.  Though I do like him and my God he's adorable, the love is for the character he plays.  I became curious when the trailers for the first Twilight movie came out.  I am a reader, if a movie comes out that is derived from a book I always want to read it first.  They are always better.  So I read the first book.  From the first page, I was lost in this beautiful story.  Bella Swan is someone that many people can relate with.  She is an every-girl.  Then she meets that beautiful creature.  Stephanie Meyers is a genious.  She writes the way I think.  That is her gift.  She lets everyone identify with these characters.  Well, after finishing Book 1, I had to travel to another town and go to several stores to find New Moon.  I read all 4 books in a span of about 2 weeks.  Funny little side note, my Mom reads more than I do.  I told her you have GOT to read this it is amazing, her exact words were, and I quote, "I don't care a thing about damn old vampires."  I left the book on her bed anyway.  Fast forward through New Moon and she is the one who spent the day finding Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and finsihed them before I did, lol.  She has read the entire series probably 4 times and when I got the Twilight DVD she got on my nerves she watched it so many times.  She was also with me this past November at the midnight first showing of New Moon.  I turned on several of my friends to the books and I haven't met anyone yet who has read the books and not fell in love with them like I did.

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