Saturday, February 27, 2010


ummmk, so I finally got my fish last night.  The kissing fish were a no go, they only had one so I decided to wait, then the guy told me they can grow up to 12 inches and will eat the smaller fish.  We can't be having that!  My Mom and Adam named the 6 that I got.  I got 2 neon blue dward guarami, Leon (ain't my boy clever) and Aeon, 2 cherry barbs-Cherry and Berry, and 2 tetras(forgot what kind) they are kinda see-thru, Adam named one Dr. See-thru, Mom named the other Seemore.  I tried to take pics of them but they are blurry.  These are the best ones,  first with see-thru and see-more, the blue blobs in the foreground are Leon and Aeon 2nd without fish. The bottom picture is my boy mesmorized.  He just sits and stares at them, he says they are his fish.  Everything I have is his, brat.  Last night when we turned out the light he said good night my little angels, I love him so much. 

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