Thursday, February 25, 2010

survivor 2/25/10

This is the first season I have watched Survivor so I don't know how to read it yet.  I KNEW they were going to vote out that skank Parvati and then Randy went home!  Maybe veteran watchers could have predicted it, but I was really surprised.  They ALL voted for him.  Jerry is so jealous of Parvati and Coach talked crap about her the whole episode.  I thought if nothing else those two would have voted for her.  Wow! 

The immunity challenge was kick ass!  They were up on a round stage in the center of a mud pit.  They had this block that kind of looked like a pillow with handles, they had to keep holding it at all times and the first one in the mud lost.  The hero tribe blew them away.  In each match the villians got knocked straight into the mud.  It was so cool! 

Another Adam-ism for the day,  you know how when babies first start talking, every question you ask the answer is no, no, no, Adam said I DON'T!  Give me a hug,  I DON'T!  Adam come here, I DON'T!  LOL

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