Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor Virgin

Believe it or not I am probably one of the only people in the country who has never watched Survivor. Last week I caught a special about the new season,the ominous sounding, "Heroes vs. Villains." I must say I was intrigued so I tuned in tonight. In the first 20 minutes, two "heroes" were injured. A girl got her shoulder dislocated and a man broke his toe in 3 places. They actually won the competition though and were awarded with tools to make fire. The Villains got their fire made first and did it with natural elements. It was really impressive. The guy with the broken toe, the much loved Rupert, tried forever to make a fire and as soon as he gave up someone else did it. I know the producers manipulate the footage, but it seems like to me he is not an asset and they should have gotten rid of him. The girl they got rid of was Jessica "Sugar". She was trying to hook up with Colby and he wasn't having it. He pushed for her to go home after that and I guess they listened. I think I will watch this time and of course I will give my 2 cents to you. My internet will probably go tomorrow. Bummer, but I'll have lots to say when I come back.

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