Friday, February 12, 2010

Wondering about the motto?

I'm thinking that I should explain my motto. I suppose the peace and love are pretty obvious. It is not just a fad with me though, I have loved peace signs since I was a teen and really embraced it during Desert Storm. Sadly, it has never become unrelevant.  I have also, for a long time, had a love for faeries. I like to spell it the Irish way, I am very proud of my Irish roots and recognize them any way I can. I have a faery garden in my yard, complete with Rosemary, Lavender, and cute little faery statues.  I wanted a faery tattoo for so many years and finally last year I found the one, it is a gothic Tinkerbell.  It is so different than anything anyone else has or has ever seen.  I'll end with a photo of my beauty Tink.

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