Friday, February 26, 2010

worry wart

Well I told you, there is always something to worry about.  Money problems are gone, praise God!  Next Thursday I have to take the HOBET test (health occupation basic entrance test).  This test will make or break my seat in my program.  If I don't do stupendously good, I won't get into my program.  That means waiting another year, they only accept once a year, which in turn means I have to find a job and school is over.  Working in health administration is what I have always wanted to do.  If I don't get to do this it will break my heart.  My whole future depends on this test.  No pressure, huh?  I have test anxiety, among every other anxiety imaginable, and the fact that future hinges on this test is worrying me to death. 

I'm getting my fish tomorrow (FINALLY), hopefully that will help to chill me out a little.  The aquarium is so pretty.  I took some photos already but I want to wait until there's fish to post pics on here. 

Adam-ism- fish was shish, kitty was kivvy sadly he outgrew those too.  Well not sadly that would be bad to be 13 and still say shish and kivvy lol!

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