Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DWTS 3.29&30.10

Well, now things are getting interesting.  Again, I can't speak to previous seasons, but there was a lot of arguing and fighting going on.  Kate Gosselin's partner lost it so much he quit, but returned after cooling off.  Almost all the couples were arguing.  Poor Kate CAN NOT dance.  Last week I thought it was nerves this week she just has no rhythm.

The shocker this week was Ms. Disease (Pam Anderson).  I hate to admit it but she danced beautifully last night.  She channeled Marilyn Monroe with class not skank.  Then they ended up on the bottom 2.  So evidently America feels the same about her as I do.  Shannen Doherty, who is also much hated, was the first to go.

Nicole Cat Doll won again, imagine that.  Someone who does choreography for a living is winning.  I feel it's an unfair advantage and I hope America is not snowed by her, and then they partnered her up with the winner of last season.  I'm screaming FIXED!!!!

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