Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I told you I'm all about the faeries

I just ordered my new cell phone.  I am due for one in July anyway.  I fell in love with the Palm Pixi went Sprint put it out.  I'm on Verizon though so I figured I was just S.O.L.  Last weekend I started seeing a commercial that now Verizon has one too.  I've been trying to contain myself, but I broke tonight!  It only cost me 29. bucks to upgrade and they added it to my bill so double awesomeness I didn't even have to pay for it yet.  I can't believe I actually am getting the phone I want.  I suppose a lot of folks will think I took the cheap way because all my family has droids, but it is the one I wanted and they have this awesome cherry blossom cover on ebay.  It's coming Thursday I'm so excited.!!! 
These are a couple of the best pics I could find, til Thursday when I get it .  That cherry blossom is going to be my cover unless I find one I like more.  The only way that could happen is Hydrangea or a fairy.  Those are the only things I like more than cherry blossoms.  I'm going to plant a cherry blossom tree this spring.  I already have roses and hydrangeas (they are my favs, especially the odd colored ones).  I bought a Pixi for St. Patty's Day, that seems pretty fitting huh?

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