Friday, March 12, 2010

last night survivor

Survivor was really good last night.  I have switched sides. There are more likeable people on the villians side.   They voted off Tom last night, James is an asshole, and would someone please tell Amanda to put some pants on.  I am SICK of looking at her nasty coochie every week.  I know they are hot but everyone else manages to put a scarf around them or something.  It looks like she's wearing panties most of the time.  James hurt his new and can hardly walk and they kept him instead of Tom.  Now switch to villians.  I hate Russell but he is playing the hell out of this game.  He got Coach to switch sides last night.  Coach is naive, and played right in to Russell's hands.  I like Boston Rob and his posse.  Yeah, I think he's hot, but it's more than that, he is really smart.  I hope he can take Russell out.  The heroes just keep getting weaker and weaker.  Most of the people on the heroes tribe should have been villians.  They are cutting each other's throats left and right, it's crazy!

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