Sunday, April 4, 2010

Damn it Edward Cullen why aren't you real?

I am a rabid fan of Twilight that is no secret.  I can't read very much any more, for some reason reading triggers my restless leg syndrome ( a bitch when you are in COLLEGE!)  anyway, I was able to download the audiobooks from the digital book site at my local library.  It has been awesome listening to Bella and Edward fall in love again.  If you have only seen the movie, you really have no idea.  The books are so much more intense.  She writes the way I think, it is amazing.  Anyway I am also feeling the way I felt when I read the books the first time.  It is so depressing that love isn't really like that.  I had a dream about my first love last night, the polar opposite of Edward Cullen I might add.  The only person I know ever really loved me was a long distance romance and we were star-crossed too.  I have written about him before, he inspired some poetry that I posted and I think I told the story early on.  I just finished Twilight last night and started New Moon.  The first time I read it, I was so depressed it was like I lost him for real.  I'm glad I'm in such a good place in all other aspects of my life or I wouldn't be able to listen to it without slashing my wrists, lol KIDDING!

I'm curious, have any of you experienced the fairy tale kind of love?  I would love to hear your stories.  God Bless you and Happy Easter!

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