Tuesday, April 6, 2010

dwts 4.06.10

I didn't blog about it last night because I didn't get to watch the whole thing.  Once again I was hoping Pam Anderson would go home, but I understand them sending Buzz Aldrin instead.  She is so fake it makes me sick.  Why can't she be real instead of always looking and sounding like she just got f****d?  It is so annoying.  Every dance they do is just oozing of sex because that is all she has.  My favs are Evan and Anna, and Erin and Max, Aiden and Edyta.  They are all doing pretty well, so I hope they get to stick around a while.  Buzz's performance was really inspiring because of his age and he tried so hard, but he sucked.  He probably should have went before Shannen did.

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