Friday, April 9, 2010

fight me friday!

I had the most idiotic confrontation today I just have to share.  My Mom and I went and picked up my nephew at his bus stop today.  He called and asked me if I would help him clean his room and since it is an utter disgrace I was glad to oblige. Why his mother didn't do it, or make him is a story for another time, anyway I got 2 bags of trash and a large poster frame that was torn up and a another piece of wood that had broken off his desk and couldn't be fixed.  This child had boxes and packaging from things he got for Christmas!  I'm gonna have to beat that boy!  LOL!  Anyway we finished cleaning, got him and his stuff together loaded it in the car and drove to their trash dumpsters.  They live in a large condo development so there are like 5 dumpsters and a bunch of trash cans all in the same spot.  We are putting in the trash and this lady walks up and asks us if we live there.  Mom pointed at Adam and said he does, down on the end I'm his grandmother we've been helping him clean.  The lady cops a 'tude and says Well we've been having problems with people using these dumpsters who don't live here what is the house number?  Mom said what? are you some kind of community watch or something?  She said yes, what's the number?  Mom was pissed and said Adam what's your house number, I said NO, he lives here and you need to mind your own business!  She was running off at the mouth still when I got in my car and Mom said the trash is his, we cleaned his room cause him Mama's too damn lazy to do it.  So, she gets in the car and the lady is standing there staring and I rolled down the window and Mom yelled be sure to take the tag number!!! I screamed BITCH and we left, hahhahahaha.  I was livid!  I told Mom from now on every time I go there I'm going to take the trash for Teri.  Has this crabby old bitch got nothing better to do than guard the f***ing trash cans?  I'm kind of ashamed to have lowered myself to her level by speaking that way, but it felt SOOOO good to let someone have it that really deserved it.  Adam and I talked about it later and he said was it bad to yell at her like that?  I said honey when you are confronting people there is a right and wrong way to do it.  When Gramme told her you lived there and we were helping you clean that should have been enough.  She had no business speaking to us that way.  If she had approached us in the right way no one would have gotten mad.  Adam said some man had done that to him and his Mommy.  These people need to get a freaking life!  I feel sorry for them that they have nothing better to do!  Ok, I feel better now,  WOOOSAAAA!!!! I forgot to mention that I got a call from the police about this.  The officer said that they ran my plate and saw that I lived in Lexington.  I told him the story and said, I hope you realize that I wouldn't drive my trash to another city just to throw it in a community dumpster.  People are insane.

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