Friday, April 23, 2010

Once again I suck...

Wow, I have really been shirking my responsibilities to my loyal readers, lol!  This is the longest I have gone without writing.  I have been feeling uninspired I guess.  The first couple things I missed, I was like, "oh shoot I forgot to post so and so..."  then I'd forget again until I missed something else.

Enough of excuses, I am full of updates!  Last Friday I went for my first breast MRI.  Long story short, the person that invented that contraption is a sadomasochist, nuff said!  Everything came out clear on both mammogram and MRI.  My baby boy couldn't come last weekend, because well, for lack of a better excuse we honestly didn't have the money to feed him.  Sunday when I went online to file for my weekly unemployment check, this message pops up and says my benefit year is over.  OMG I'm thinking what the hell am I going to do?  I studied all weekend for a Biology test and Sunday I lost a whole day to getting caught up on job searches so I could go to the employment office.  I SWEATED that.  I was only missing 3 or 4 weeks worth, considering it's been a year that's pretty good,  but filling out all those apps takes time. A side note, I finally was able to get through to the Trade Act people and I go for enrollment on May 13.  So, I'm thinking what the crap am I going to do from now til then?  Again, fast forward they reinstated my unemployment and she back dated it so last week will count as my waiting week.  Praise the Lord, Mom's disability check came this week and next week her SS check. 

Today I went to my first appt with the gynecological oncologist.  He is going to do my hysterectomy.  I got a pap smear and internal and poked and prodded!  Blek!  I will get the surgery either after finals or between summer and fall semester.  I am taking Bio II, and Pathophysiology so I CANNOT miss any classes.  This summer is going to be a total whirlwind!

Now DWTS, thank God they finally voted off Kate.  I feel sorry for her, but bless her heart Aiden was way better and went before her, I think Pam's time is coming.  She, I hate to admit it, really is good, but people don't like her.  Survivor has been CRAZY!  Come to find out The Dragonslayer stayed true to his word and did not vote for Rob, that bit him in the butt, as we found out.  While Russell is playing everyone, including the other tribe, Parvati is playing him like a violen.  Idiot JT found an immunity idol and convinced the heroes tribe the best thing to do was to somehow sneak it to Russell and save him from the "all-girl-alliance" on the villians side.  Meanwhile Parvati has found herself an immunity idol and not told anyone.  Russell gives Parvati, the heroes idol.  Tonight the tribes finally merged and tribal council was freaking AWESOME.   Parvati flipped it around on everyone, gave Sandra and Jerri each an immunity idol and JT ended up getting voted off.  He deserved it because he is an idiot.  I don't like Parvati, but I gotta say, I thought Russell was the power player, and she had him under her thumb the whole time. I hope he gets voted off next, troll on crack!   It was great and I can't wait to see what happens from here.  I found a whole new respect for her, she KNOWS how to play that game!  My goodness, I feel like I've been writing forever; that will teach me to go a week!

***Side note, when the tribes merged they were given new bandannas and such, Amanda is still wearing those grungy panties and nothing else, WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

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