Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NJ housewives

I love this show.  I watched it last season, NJ is the only one I watch.  They are so funny.  I love them all except the pariah of the show, Danielle. I really believed everything last year, but this season I'm starting to question it. Some of the things happening seem staged. I think the show is about a real group of family and friends, but I'm not sure that some of the events aren't staged by producers. They put them in these situations to see what will happen. I don't believe that it is scripted, but like I said the producers are possibly manipulating situations. That is a let down, but I still LOVE it. Teresa is hilarious and her babies are gorgeous. Jacqueline is so sweet, Caroline is a strong woman, well spoken, fearless matriarch of the family. Dina is my favorite I think, though it's really hard to pick because I would love to be friends with any of them. They are all so special. I like Dina because I feel a kinship with her. She is a strong independent woman, with a beautiful quiet grace. On last night's episode she was consulting a spirtitual advisor because she wants to cut toxic Danielle out of her life, but she is afraid of hurting her feelings. That is precious. 

Now lets talk about Danielle.  She is a drama queen and pathological liar, who is living vicariously through her daughter (a new model).  She does everything she can to keep the sh*t stirring. Caroline and Teresa both just shut her out. Dina and Jacqueline tried to be tactful and respectful of her, but she just won't stop. She wants to get in to that circle SO bad. She was there last season and for reasons that were all her own fault she got shut out. Get a damn life already and stop being a wanna-be Manzo and a wanna-be 16 yr old, grow up and find your own way. There have been several articles about how she has lied about her childhood, telling 2 or 3 different scenarios.  She is not even Italian, but breaks out the accent and tries to make everyone believe she is. I could go on and on, watch it~


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