Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the runaways

I said on Twitter I would give a blow by blow of the movie, but I don't want someone to stumble upon this and the movie be ruined by it.  I will say there were several times I forgot I wasn't watching Joan Jett.  When Kristen was just in the background I honestly forgot it was her a few times.  Dakota Fanning also blew me away.  She has maturity way beyond her years.  The movie was great, I liked every bit of it.  My one criticism is that I wish Lita Ford would have had more of a voice.  I LOVE her!  I understand she wasn't the focal point and she was represented so....

This movie is a must see.  It is not about if you are a Kristen Stewart or Dakota Fanning fan.  This movie is about The Runaways and what those teenage girls became.  Like I said, half the time you don't realize it's Kristen anyway!!!

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