Monday, October 25, 2010

DWTS Summanry

Tonight was really a surprise!  First off they held a competition last week for the top 10 dances of all time.  Voters went to the website and voted for their favorite dance.  I really enjoyed that because I just started watching last season, so I was able to see some of the dances that I've heard so much about.  On to the competition this week: 
Audrina and Tony:  they did well technically but the judges are still ragging on Audrina's vacant stare.  Bruno said plastic last week, but I have always associated her with a vacant stare.  I like her but I was afraid that would harm her in this competition.

Kyle and Lacey:  the judges are saying the same thing they do every week about Kyle's technicality being bad, but honestly I don't see it.  They are one of my favs.

Jennifer and Derek:  They were the front runners and in the beginning I thought they were a lock.  I'm not sure what is going on with Jennifer, but she is slipping more and more out of control each week.  This week she really messed up the choreography in the end.

Rick and Cheryl:  They did really well, but they always do.  There was nothing that really stands out to me about their performance.  Well, besides the fact that Rick was ROCKING the mohawk and guyliner.

Bristol and Mark:  This girl I swear, every time I think she's going home she somehow stays.  This week was a huge shocker.  This was her best dance yet.  They did great, so I guess she'll make it til' next week.

Kurt and Anna:  In my opinion they were robbed.  I thought they did great and then the judges tore them apart.  They had one of the lowest scores.

Brandie and Maks:  They had another great week.  They got top scores on their dance.  They danced beautifully and the judges are eating her up.  I love Maks, but have never been a fan of Brandie.  I'd love to see Maks win (he and Erin should have won last season). 

At the end of the show they did the 'marathon'.  I don't understand why they call it that it is another dance competition.  They all dance at once and one by one are picked off until one couple is left.  Brandie and Maks won that too so they are way ahead on the leaderboard. 

I thought I had it all figured out, but every week they surprise me.  It is really anyone's game now.

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