Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8.29.2011 Bachelor Pad 2

I missed the Monday Moan, but I can still talk about Bachelor Pad 2.  I am to the point where I hope that it is staged, because I hate to think people are that stupid.  At the cliffhanger last week I literally yelled NO! when Chris Harrison called Kasey's name for the rose.  I was hoping it was just a trick and that Jake had talked sense into the others.  No such luck.  Now as for my hatred for all things Kasey and Vienna.  Kasey Kahl walks around like the Godfather and  Vienna is still an idiot, drama queen, fame whore.  Every week I think OK, they are going to vote them off, and then BAM someone else goes. Did these people not watch last season?  If it isn't rigged how are they not getting voted off, I don't get it.  Kasey talked all that crap about wanting to punch Jake and all the other nonsense, but did anyone notice he never said anything TO Jake.  As soon as Jake set foot in the limo, Kasey's mouth starts running.  Why didn't tough Godfather say anything while he was standing there CONFRONTING THEM BOTH!!!  UGGHHH!
Melissa came to the Bachelor Pad so people could see the real her and she could prove she's not crazy.  OOOKay..., did that backfire or what?  Michael and Holly are breaking my heart. I really like them as a couple, but they have hurt each other so much I don't know if it will work now or not.  Holly said tonight that part of her is broken and she doesn't know if it can be fixed.  Blake is a snake in the grass and I hope Holly wises up to him. 

Did anyone notice that the date Ella and Kirk went on was in Ashley's house from last season?  That fireplace is where she and JP had their first date.  I'm really liking those two and they are definitely the most deserving two, in my opinion at least.  I'm rooting for them, but my money is on Michelle Money and Graham Bunn.  More than anything I just want the mighty Kasey and Vienna to fall.

This week a man and woman were sent home.  Cray Cray Melissa is gone.  She went off the rails and dug her own grave.  I hate that William went.  Michelle was crying about what a good guy he was, and we didn't get to see nearly enough of him.  At least he got to redeem himself.  He overcame what happened on the Bachelorette. 

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