Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Because and mean people suck...

It's so funny, I can go for months and not write and then once I think about it, I'm on all the time.  It's great to have an outlet like this.  I know no one is reading it, so I can feel free to be brutally honest and let my creative juices flow too.

OK, that was the just because.  Here comes the mean people suck.  I graduated college 3 months ago.  Of course, I have no job options because what I really want to do is almost impossible to find a job doing, so I'm back at the convenience store I left in 2006 to go to work at Dell.  I feel like I have had to go back to the beginning and start all over again.  The job has it's fun points, interacting with tons of people.  Then it has it's low points which, conincidentally, happens to also be interacting with tons of people.  I have met some really great people and ones I look forward to seeing everyday.  Then there are THOSE other people.  This one person also springs to mind when I think of the 'asshole' customer.  After 1-1/2 weeks training (the store changed hands while I was gone and the computer system is completely different) I went on 3rd shift alone.  This store is one of the big chain convenience stores and we are super busy.  My first alone shift on a Friday night this man comes in.  I have a line to the door, because I'm still kind of slow and learning where everything is.  Honest to God he didn't like the way I rang up his beer and started cussing me.  My face turned bright red and I have learned the best thing to do is try not to react.  He talked to me like I was an idiot and was making fun of me to the other customers in line. 

Now fast forward 3 months.  I'm quick and on top of my game.  When people treat me badly I never forget it and it is hard for me to go above and beyond.  I say the things I HAVE to say, but avoid unnecessay interactions.  It took me this long, but gradually I have worked back up to trying to be friendly.  Sunday night I'll be damned if he didn't yell at me again because he couldn't find something where I told him to look.  When he left I couldn't help but think, I would hate to be such a miserable person that I treated random strangers like crap.  Especially ones that you see several times a week and are trying their best to help you. 

Working in a store, or a restaurant too I'm sure, even if for only a couple days, will change your whole outlook on the service industry.  I know everyone has bad days, God knows I do, but there is never a reason to yell at someone about something that you KNOW they have no control of.  Or if you frequent a certain store or restaurant you know when new people start.  Give them a break, it is so hard learning all that stuff and making mistakes in front of a group of people.  Nothing will make you feel more stupid than ringing up something wrong or doing something wrong, than doing it in front of a store full of people. 

OK, that's my public service announcement for today.

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