Saturday, August 27, 2016

Could you go 24 hours without Social Media?

I am taking a class this semester on Social Media. This week I had a daunting project. I had to go 24 hours without Social Media, general texting included. The instructions said if we had to use it at work of course, that would be fine, but to limit it in all other aspects of your life. This is a bit of a problem for me. I work in a large insurance company call center. This means talking on the phone for literally 40 hours a week. After doing that for 2 years, I was blessed by the Gods and promoted to a Specialist position. Meaning I process incoming mail, fax, and internet claims. I also chat with customers and am a go-to person to research when coworkers are having problems. That being said, after 2 years of all those phone calls I loathe talking on the phone. What I'm trying to get around to is this, texting and Social Media are basically my only form of communication with people, other than face to face of course. We even use Skype messenger at work to communicate with each other. I chose to do my experiment on an off-work day so that wouldn't interfere and I could forewarn everyone that I would be incommunicado for the day.

I have people in my life that wouldn't care what I was trying to do and would blow up my phone all day anyway; so I went one step further. I use my phone as my alarm clock, its always with me so, why not?  I woke up on Friday, turned my alarm clock off, saw a text message from the main person I told not to text me and I just turned my phone off altogether, without answering that message by the way. I kept my phone with me in case of emergency and I needed to make a call for some reason, but it stayed turned off.  I stopped counting at 15 times that I thought about picking up my phone to look at something.  It's funny, the Social Media is not what bothered me. I gave it up for Lent one year so I knew if I could go 40 days, this would be a breeze. I thought that not texting would bother me, but it really didn't. I enjoyed the peace and just being left alone, so much so, that I didn't turn my phone back on until late in the afternoon today. The only reason then was simply because I needed to make a phone call. It's 11:00 pm the day after and I still haven't been on Social Media yet.

This project taught me that I might be happier if I didn't have a cell phone at all. I mentioned before that I stopped counting at 15, the number of times that I wanted to pick up my phone. It was only for Social Media a couple of them. There was a picture on Instagram  a video on YouTube that I wanted to show my nephew, that was it. All the rest of the times it was for an app that I wanted to use.  I use IMBD a lot when I'm watching TV because it drives me bonkers when I can't figure out who someone is.  I check my bank account on an app, I check the weather on an app, and about a million other things. This experiment proved to me that, except for my addiction to Pinterest and Instagram, I could do without Social Media for the most part, and talking to most people too for that matter.


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