Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dancing With The Stars - Season 23

The show started with all the Pros dancing at Griffith Observatory. They looked like they were dancing on top of the world while the Imagine Dragons song was playing. I always love to see the Pros dancing together and loved the little blink and miss it spot of Sasha and Emma dancing together, they are adorable.

It is sad that all these people worked so hard and a couple idiots trying to make a name for themselves and be on TV are what is going to be remembered most about this night. I'd love to have seen what really happened, but at the same time I'm really glad the cameras stayed on Carrie Ann and didn't give them any attention. I had to mention it, but I don't want to give them any more attention. Here is my rundown of all the couples.

Marilu Henner & Derek: Score 27
They were first up and danced The Jive. She did well for the first dance, her first dance, and did I mention she is 64 and danced like a 30 year old?
James Hinchcliffe & Sharna: Score 31 
They danced Foxtrot and were great together.  My first thought was, Sharna has someone she can win with if he keeps this up. Bruno made the comment that if he was as good at Latin as he was with Ballroom, it's in the bag.
Calvin Johnson & Lindsay: Score 26
Their dance was Cha Cha. I think he was hustling us with all that hype about what a terrible dancer he was. He needs work, but did great for the 1st time out.
Maureen McCormick & Artem: Score 22
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! They danced a Viennese Waltz. She was very emotional and vulnerable. Judges notes were she needs to refine her technique. She was more into the camera and experience than Artem and the dance, and the judges picked up on it. Florence Henderson was in the audience and there was a touching moment between the 2 of them.
Babyface & Allison: Score 26
Their dance was Foxtrot. It had a big band vibe and he did well. He is there for his Mom that passed a few years ago and loved the show. His moves are as smooth as that voice. He needs improvement, but did great for week 1.
Amber Rose & Maks: Score 24
They danced a Foxtrot. It's going to take a lot of restraint to stay neutral and open minded with her, because of the my own opinions. One of the first things they showed in her package was telling Maks that she was an exotic dancer for 10 years. Like everyone else she did well for week 1, but needs to work on her confidence. She doesn't feel graceful and it showed.
Vanilla Ice & Whitney: Score 25
Theirs was a Cha Cha to Ice, Ice, Baby and baby it was bad. The judges liked it for what it was, but not enough Cha Cha content. I don't see him making it even halfway in. He has Whitney and at this point I think that is his ONLY advantage.
Jana Kramer & Gleb: Score 27
The sexiest Non-Viennese Waltz that was supposed to be a Viennese Waltz. These 2 are pure sex and it was great. It was so hot Bruno gave them an 8 and it was hilarious. I am rooting for them, just so I can see Gleb longer this time. The times he has been on in the past he got cut way too quickly. My goodness he is pretty.
Jake T. Austin & Jenna: Score 22
Yay Jenna is finally one of the Pros! They danced a Jive. They are cute together, but his footwork is terrible. He is not a dancer and he seemed upset. Maybe it was just nerves and he will be better next week. In all the years I have watched I have never noticed that someone was flat footed and always kind of wondered what the judges meant, wonder no more.
Rick Perry & Emma: Score 20 
Why, oh why do they keep doing this to sweet Emma? Their dance was a Cha Cha to God Bless Texas and God bless him because he was terrible. The worst of the night I believe.
Terra Jole & Sasha: Score 25
Little Terra made you forget she was little and danced a big Jive. She made a touching comment in her package that she didn't want to be the 'little person' who did well, she just wanted to be a person who did well and boy did she! She and Sasha were great together.
Ryan Lochte & Cheryl: Score 24
I did not have high hopes for Ryan and the commotion that happened after his dance was all the more sad because of how well their dance went. He really surprised me. Just like many others, he is not a dancer and needs work, but the dance was good.
Laurie Hernandez & Val: Score 31
Their Cha Cha tied for top score of the night and deservedly so. Within the first 20 seconds, I said, "well she is going to win the show." Of course it's too soon to tell, but if she dances ballroom like she slayed the Latin dance, this competition will be hers to lose.

My opinion is just on first impression, but Rick Perry should go first. I don't know if Ryan will get votes though. He is in a tough spot image-wise right now, so who knows how the vote will go. If Ryan gets votes, Rick Perry will have to dance like Michael Jackson next week to make it through.

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