Monday, September 26, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead || Date of Death

We start with the effect of Mads temporary insanity last week. There are people storming the gates of the hotel and they won’t let them in. Oh Snap! There’s Travis. The look on their faces as they see each other... they starting fighting to get to each other in what looked like desperation. It was a beautiful thing. He makes his way to the front of the crowd telling people that was his wife.

FINALLY here we are back at the barn with Lil Psycho Chris. Travis is playing Dr., but not in a good way. ‘Baby James’ is earning his name screaming while Travis sews up his wound. Then poured alcohol on it, OUCH! Later on he pulls Chris away to talk to him about what he did. He has completely gone to the Dark Side. Chris Hardwick called him Kylo Ren on Talking Dead. The convo ends with Chris warning Travis that he needs to find a way to get along with the band of idiots, my words not his of course. Chris has found acceptance for the first time in his life and he is taking their side over Travis every time.

Back at the hotel the others still don’t want to let Travis in, but they somehow manage to open the gate so he can slip in. Totally unbelievable; they should have been covert about it. There is no way that could have logistically happened. Alicia asked about Chris and Travis didn’t answer. The next scene is Trav and Mads in a hotel room. She asks about Chris, he walks away. She follows and asks again. Trav says he had not choice…

We’re back on the farm. The Bros are annoyed at Travis for trying to be the voice of reason in a world where there is none. They have eaten all the chickens, that could have sustained them for who knows how long, and now they want to go back to the USA. Chris sides with them again. Travis is shown searching the house for something, I feel bad hoping it’s something to kill Chris with, he wants to put a marker on the grave of the man Chris killed. They try to leave but Baby James passes out from the pain and Travis talks them into stopping. Travis later overhears them talking about getting rid of James. Travis is PISSED he tells them he is your friend, I will not let you kill him. He jerks the gun away from Chris. Brandon says whatevs he doesn’t have the balls to shoot it. He shoots in Brandon’s direction to let him know this isn’t a game. Travis keeps watch over James, lets him know that his friends want to kill him. He says he gets it, he knows he is excess baggage. James tells Travis a story of how their were originally 4 of them. One of them got sick and James stepped up and did his duty by killing him. Chris comes in to talk to Travis and bring him food. I didn’t trust it, and Travis didn’t either at first. They sit down and Chris tells him, I get it now Dad. If they are going to kill their friend that they have known since he was 6 what would they do to me? They hug, Chris tackles him and the Bros come in. James begs Brandon not to kill him….bullet in the brain. Chris is standing over him watching while the other guy has Travis pinned down with a gun to his head. Chris takes his gun back from Travis. The next scene they are leaving without Travis. He tells Travis that there is nothing wrong with him, he has just adapted to this new world and he can take care of himself. They drive away, the last thing Travis words Travis speaks to him are damning ones. Camera pans across the graves of the man Chris killed and then a grave and marker that Travis made for James. Travis is walking away.

Back to Trav and Mads in the hotel room. He meant he had to do it, to let him go. Mads tries to get in some sexy time, Travis is grieving for Chris and ain’t having it. He confides in her about what a good boy Chris was and he is so upset about who he has become. All the things that Travis just said, affected Mads. She said she needed to go find Alicia. I really thought she would go off to look for Nick, but I read it wrong. She found Alicia down in the parking garage. The 'kind of Dr.' is checking everyone out for bites and Alicia is looking at the women. Once they know who is healthy and who is not they have to try to figure out what to do with them. Mads takes Alicia down on the pier and tells her what really happened to her Father. He committed suicide. They found a note in his glove box that said, “I love you all, but enough’s enough.” Mads explains to Alicia that she sees so much of their Father in Nick, that is why she always stayed so focused on him. It wasn’t that she ever loved her any less; just that she thought she was ok. There has been mixed reviews about Mads telling her now. I think she did the right thing. Now Alicia will be able to understand why Mads has done everything she did for Nick and that she won’t feel slighted anymore. I feel like that is great power for her character.

The show ends with another night scene. A group has found their way to the gate. Bromigos are there, Chris is not with them. Travis is going to snap. I cannot wait to find out what happens here. Next week double episode finale. See you then!!

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