Monday, September 12, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead - Pablo & Jessica

Last week Fear the Walking Dead, left us with Madison opening the door to Alicia's screams. This week's open was back in the bar where we last saw Madison and Strand trapped in a hoard of the infected. We learn that they got away by using one of Nick's tricks, that awful custom of gutting an infected and covering yourself in their yuck to hide in plain sight. As they are making their escape Madison hears Alicia calling for her. That's a hell of a way to sober up, huh? They escape and Madison immediately goes back into Mama mode and goes on the search for Alicia. It takes some time, in which they are able to get cleaned up, and Madison is reunited with Alicia. We are now back to where we left off last week.

Here we catch up with Nick in Colonia. He wants to help pay for the mistake he made stealing those cookies from the cartel and promising them drugs in return. That is a hilarious sounding sentence; is it not?  It makes complete sense in this world, though. Nick goes to Alejandro with a plan. The junkie teaches the Pharmacist how to cut the pure drug with dried milk to make more pills and hold off the cartel for a little longer. Alejandro is so impressed he gives Nick his own home. Nick doesn't believe he deserves it, but Alejandro is starting to see him as a leader. It is odd to see Nick thriving in this way. Colonia is bringing the strong Madison side out of Nick. Please, Alejandro, don't leave Nick alone with those drugs.  He is clean now, and has been for some time, but old habits die hard and they will totally feed him to the infected. Alejandro has a talk with Nick about being bitten. I still don't buy it. This new world is just beginning, but we are well versed in the Zombie Apocalypse from The Walking Dead and no one has ever come close to that kind of good fortune. It just doesn't sit right with me. Luciana's brother Pablo has been found and has turned. She is alone now and you sense her starting to lean on Nick. Again, who would have thought that the junkie from last season who could barely function would turn into someone being looked at as a possible leader, and someone to depend on.

Back at the hotel, Madison is now trying to mend the fences between the two sets of people led by Elena and Oscar. Madison shows her backbone by letting them know she is clearing out the infected and taking back the hotel with or without them. She has really stepped up as the leader of this group and Alicia is her 2nd.  I would say it was Strand, because let's face it, he is one of the power players, but I still don't trust him either. They do all eventually work together and clear the infected from the hotel in one of the most awesome ways I've seen since Daryl and the lake of fire in Alexandria.
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Three groups lead all the infected out of the rooms they were trapped in, out of the hotel and onto the pier which Madison alone leads them down. When she reaches the end she runs, jumps off the pier, and swims to safety where Alicia and Marco are in a boat waiting for her. The infected, idiots that they are, walk off the pier and are taken away in the riptides. This all, totally Alicia's brilliant idea, go her!

Cut to Nick in his room at night reading by candlelight.  He is trying to learn Spanish so he will have more people to talk to.  Luciana shows up because she can't sleep, presumably, she saw his light on. She is upset about her brother and is confiding in Nick about being alone and what her brother meant to her. She falls asleep in his bed and wakes up worrying about people gossiping about them, she starts to leave, but instead turns back and starts kissing Nick.  This is how the episode ends for them, walking off camera in a make out sesh.

The hotel group is having a celebratory dinner. The infected are all gone and they have taken back the hotel. They have a safe house for the moment. We know in this world that will last for like 5 minutes. Oscar is missing from the table and Strand takes it upon himself to go talk to him. Come to find out not all the infected are gone. He saved Jessica, his bride, in their room. Strand is able to get through to him. Oscar gives him the room key and Strand is walking into the room with Jessica when the show fades to black. I missed Chris and Travis in this episode.  That little psychopath could hold up a show on his own.

My final thought, if you don't watch Talking Dead you are doing yourself a major disservice. Chris Harwick is the self-professed customer service rep for the Walking Dead Fandom. It comes on following any "Dead" show and not only does he bring members of the cast and behind the scenes action, he always makes me understand something that has happened in a different way, or it may be something I didn't pick up on at all. Watching a dead show and not watching Chris after, is akin to watching the whole season of Survivor, but not watching the reunion show where you find out who the winner is. It's simply not done!

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