Monday, September 19, 2016

Fear The Walking Dead || Pillar of Salt

The beginning is immediately intense, as always. A family led by, we find out later, Francisco is sneaking out of Colonia. They cover themselves in an infected’s yuck and are able to make their way through the herd. They are nabbed by the Cartel almost immediately. You have to question why they would take the risk of leaving the presumably safe Colonia. Maybe Colonia is not the safe haven it seems to be.

Ofelia’s back and it looks like she grew some balls while she was gone. She finds a place on the ocean, hammering an infected in the head on the way, and flashes back to being proposed to by a lovely man named Will. She is so in love. Maybe he is why she left the group; maybe she is going to search for him. Her parents are presumably gone (does anyone else think Daniel made it?) so she has nothing left to lose. This could be the mission she is on.

Back at the hotel, they are planting and working toward getting the generator going. They are all so happy; you just know it’s all getting ready to turn to shit. Alicia is learning to surf, on dry land, with Hector. She has on a cute swimsuit, kind of cool to have a whole hotel worth of new clothes. Elena said last week they were fully booked when “it” started. She is confiding in him about growing up with Nick. Budding romance? They are cute together.

Cut to Luciana in a bra sitting on top of Nick, he is smiling, AFTERGLOW! They are interrupted by the news of Francisco deserting and taking his family with him. He was supposed to be going on a run, but now Nick and Luciana are talking about going instead. Back at the hotel all smiles and there’s a knock at the door. Victor answers and Zombie Bride’s Mom stabs him. He took her daughter from her, she is off the rails. Oh! There’s an almost Doctor in the house. He needs meds to take care of Victor, Elena says she knows where to get them. They are going to the Supermarket.

Alejandro (who will from now on and forever on be known as Pharmajandro) is PISSED that Francisco deserted. I’m starting to see shades of ‘The Governor’. He totally has a God complex. He goes off on Luciana and tells her not to go to the supermarket. Nick tries to talk her into going, but she ends up obeying. Back at the supermarket Mads just figured out where Nick is, oh snap! Safety be damn, Mama bear is running for answers. Francisco and his wife won’t tell her they know where Nick is. Elena has to drag her out before Marco the Narco kills them.

The stories wrap up like this:
-Nick sexes up Luciana them talks another guy into going out to the supermarket against Pharmajandro’s orders. It is too late though. Off in the distance Marco is looking through binoculars at Nick. Francisco has ratted them out, he didn’t really have a choice though. They have his daughter.
-Ofelia flashback, this time asking her Mom about how her and her Dad got together. She tells her the story and then back to present, Ofelia is heading back to the US. We don’t know, but you just know, she is going in search of Will. 
-Now its dark. Mads is on top of the hotel and turns the damn lights on. All the progress she has made, gone. Not only is she drawing out infected, she just let everyone in eyeshot know that they are there. Alicia goes ballistic on her and tells her Nick left them by choice, he doesn't want to be with them, she says I AM RIGHT HERE, powerful stuff. Mads always chooses Nick over Alicia. 
-It then cuts to a wide shot of the hotel lit up and someone is looking down on it, camera pans around, it’s Travis...fade to black.

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