Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fear the Walking Dead || Wrath and North

This is the best that Fear has ever been and the most GNARLY we have ever seen Fear get. This post is WAY too long, and I left out a lot. There were a lot of details that were crucial to the retelling. It was action packed and finale worthy.


Ofelia is first up. She has car trouble. She gets preoccupied, gets swarmed and Miss Badass took care of business! She sees a herd coming in the distance so grabs up her stuff and leaves the truck. Alicia apologizes to Travis because she thinks she had a hand in pushing Chris over to the dark side. Travis tells her he knows now he should have protected her from Chris. They make peace.

Nick steals a bunch of Oxy and sneaks out of Colonia without letting Luciana and Pharmajandro know. He has gone to Marco the Narco to try to barter and keep Colonia safe. Marco isn’t having it. He says he doesn’t need the pills. The safety of Colonia is more valuable and that is what he wants. He shows Nick the bodies of Francisco (the runner from a previous episode) and his wife and little girl. Their blood is on the wall as if they stood in line against the wall and were executed, bullet to the brain.

The Bro-migos are in the parking deck or wherever the hotel makeshift hospital is. They are being disrespectful, shocker! Brandon has a dislocated shoulder and is waiting for treatment. Mads overhears them talking about how they got injured. The 16-year-old guy that was driving their truck didn’t have a license. The truck barrel rolled, killed the driver, and injured them. She puts the pieces together. These are the guys Chris was with and now he is dead. She is wrestling with whether to tell Travis or not and goes to Strand for clarity. He tells her to keep quiet. Yeah, right.

Back in Colonia one of the residents in the infirmary dies. When he turns he bites Pharmajandro’s arm, the whole nose off another dude, and a lady’s finger. He somehow gets pinned down, and Nick puts his thumb in dude’s eyes and just keeps pushing deeper and deeper into the brain until the infected stops writhing. The best kill to date in my opinion. The people that were bitten sacrifice themselves to the wall, except for Pharmajandro. He needs people to believe in his immunity. Nick tries to get Luciana to leave after this, but she won’t go. He finally calls Pharmajandro on his shit and he admits that he is not immune, the bite he got before was the bite of a boy, not an infected. She doesn’t care, she still won’t leave.

Ofelia crosses the border and someone starts shooting at her almost immediately. You get a view from behind of a man walking up, I really thought it was Daniel and he just didn’t know if was Ofelia. It’s someone new. Hey! It’s the old Sheriff from Sons of Anarchy. Won’t he just fit right in, with a whole different type of anarchy. That’s the last we see of Ofelia this season.

Mads goes to the Bros and tells them to come with her to get the shoulder looked at. The other people that have been waiting think she is doing it because they are Americans. They are pissed and start to protest. The ruckus catches Trav’s attention and he sees Brandon and Derek. He starts yelling Chris’ name and running after them. Strand tries to stop him, but he is gone. They tell Travis that they let Chris drive and he wrecked the truck. They were ejected and when they got to Chris he was dead. Travis is upset, but is letting it sink in. Then Brandon switches a detail by accident and Trav then knows they are lying. He locks Madison and the rest of the group out of the room and snaps. In the scuffle Oscar gets into the room and wrong place wrong time, Travis knocks Oscar out and continues beating Derek and Brandon. It really was something to see. He beat them both to death. Yes, Travis the peacemaker killed 2 men with his bare hands and severely injured another. Fade to Black


I really don’t know why the episodes were separated, because, well they weren’t separated. Did that make sense? The story picks back up right where it left off. The aftermath of Travis literally beating the Bro-migos brains out. He is sitting in the floor in a fog, and looking defeated because of Chris. So the guys take Travis to lock him up and carry Oscar out too.

Nick is still trying to get Luciana to leave Colonia. She won’t do it. This is the first real home she has ever had and she isn’t running away from it. She called him a boy and told him to run like boys do. He made his way out and spots a helicopter off in the distance. He thinks he has found a refugee camp right across the border.

Andres` is doing brain surgery on Oscar with a razor blade, drill, and Vermouth. This is horrible. How do they think he will survive that? I mean at this point if Travis didn’t kill him, this will. Alicia tries to help, but they kick her out. Andres` ends up sticking the razor in Oscar’s exposed brain to keep him from turning. He is dead. Now Travis killed an innocent too making his total 3. I forgot about this until I watched Talking Dead, but it’s important. Mads basically tells Travis that she gets it. She has done the same thing, but it was back before the world went to hell. So there is a hint into her past that everyone is so curious about. Elena’s nephew (insert name here because I forgot it) burst into the room and he and Andres` start beating Travis. Andres` points the gun and Travis is saying, please just take Mads and Alicia out of the room first. Andres` is pulling the trigger and Alicia stabs him, they take off. Alicia now has a kill under her belt too. Victor Strand stays at the hotel. He helped them escape, but basically said this wasn’t his fight and he was done.

Marco the Narco is coming to takeover Colonia. It is deserted. Pharmajandro talked everyone into leaving. He is dying, his final sacrifice was to get in the bus and move it so now the herd doesn’t have a barrier. Mads finds Colonia, but it’s too late. Pharmajandro is still in the bus, everyone else is a walker, including Marco and all his crew. Alicia finds Pharmajandro. He thinks Mads is an angel at first, but is able to tell her where Nick is right before he dies. This is where we leave Mads, Trav, and Alicia.

Next cut to Nick and Luciana leading the pack. They cross the border and Nick shows Luci the camp he found. They start to make their way and shooting starts. It looked like Luciana got shot. Nick got to her and they were able to take cover. 2 men pull them out and separate them. They are both laying on the ground and have men with rifles standing over them. Nick looks as scared now (maybe even more so) than when he saw the first infected feeding. I was at the edge of my seat cringing, just waiting for that man to kill Nick, because with this show YOU JUST DON’T KNOW! Nick’s terrified face is what they leave us with. ARGH!! No more Fear…for a while.

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