Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Fail || Halloween Kids Edition

I found several disturbing photos with a Google Search of Halloween Fail that involved children. How could people put their children in these costumes?

This poor little fella's look says it all. Where does this idea even come from? This is disturbing on many different levels. Not funny in the least.

Fail Baby in duck costume with monster coming out of chest


Fail Little boy in large trojan wrapper costume

Dad wanted in on the inappropriateness too 

Fail Toddler in Marlboro cigarette costume with Father in Jack Daniels bottle costume

What the Actual F@CK
Fail Young girl in mermaid costume with plastic fake boobs with her Dad

This baby has a bright future with a Mom like this...

Fail baby dressed in stripper clothes, Mom holding her on pole

Ok, inappropriate but I added it because I think it's cute. The Jersey skanks in baby form.

Fail Young Kids dressed up like Jersey Shore Cast

Are this kids parent's skin heads?

Fail baby dressed up like Nazi Hitler

More to come in adult form later

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