Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Moooan || Nick Gehlfuss

I came across this week's subject while binge watching Shameless. The moment Robbie Pratt walked in the door I got weak in the knees. This dude has sex appeal coming out of his pores. He hadn't even spoken yet, and I already knew. I really don't know if it's the actual actor Nick Gehlfuss or the character he was playing. Nick is a very handsome man, but I find myself wanting to DVR Chicago Med to see if it was just "Robbie Pratt" or is Nick like this all the time?Either way he is yummy eye candy.
Exhibit A:
Nick Gehlfuss

Exhibit B is a moment you just have to watch Season 4 Episode 4 Strangers on a Train. Take my word for it don't walk, RUN and watch this episode.

Nick Gehlfuss, Shameless, Emmy Rossum

Exhibit C: It was hard to find a shirtless but I did not a great one though.
Nick Gehlfuss
Here's one more just because.

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