Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Moooan || True Blood Flashback

I am feeling uninspired this week. I usually go with someone that has caught my eye in the past week. I have been binge watching Shameless on Showtime OnDemand and Netflix and I chose someone from the show last week, so I don't want to repeat. I already have next week ON LOCK. I am very excited about next week and I will write more about that later. I went to my Pinterest Board titled Have Mercy ;o) for inspiration and it just so happened I was chatting with a friend today who was watching True Blood. I remembered this when I saw several photos I have saved of Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello. Joe was actually the inspiration that began the board. I saw this photo of him and said out loud...Have Mercy!
Joe Manganiello shirtless with jeans as True Blood's Alcide
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Next, up is Mr. Eric Northman, boy did I have a crush on him. I read all the books as well as watching the series. Book Eric was much better than True Blood Eric, but I only mean that in character development. Alexander Skarsgard is very easy to look at and the perfect person to play that Norse God!

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One more for the road with a bonus of the Jason character in the Meme.

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Happy Monday everyone. Have a great week!

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