Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Moooan || The Walking Dead Edition

I work long and late on Sunday nights so I'm writing this before we "know". I really feel like everyone I'm including (along with the evil one) will be safe after this so hopefully we won't be crying when we look at them. I give you the sexiness that is the men of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
I'm sorry, but the first one is the evil one. I have had a crush on him since I saw him in P.S. I Love You. What a dream boat he was, is. Here he is a year ago.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaning on a farm gate
Source: Getty Images
I couldn't resist posting when he got my attention the first time, of course, it's an inappropriate one. Aren't those the best kind?
Gif of Jeffrey Dean Morgan toweling off in PS I Love You movie

Norman Reedus
Gosh, I hope it isn't him or Glenn that Negan kills. I suppose it's common knowledge that Norman started his career as a model. Here is proof of that, dayum!

Prada ad Norman Reedus shirtless on beach
Steven Yeun
Our cute, sweet, brave Glenn.

Steven Yeun posing in tank top
Source: Us Weekly
Andrew Lincoln
What would a sexy Walking Dead tribute be without Rick's 'make love to the camera stare.'

Andrew Lincoln head shot
I really hope that when this goes live all of them are still on the cast. It would be a shame to lose any of those beloved characters. The wait is over.

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