Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Walking Dead Theories

How excited are you that we get our Walking Dead back in just 5 MORE DAYS! I have a theory about the opener that I really hope is not true, but I can't get it out of my head. I started thinking about it after I watched the Fear the Walking Dead opener. I have heard some talk about a Negan episode like the one they did for Morgan. What if the first show is the story of what led Negan to that moment? It just makes so much sense. We already know the story of how our people got there, but what would it look like from Negan's perspective? I do want to see that. All we know is our crew's story and from someone else's perspective they can very well be labeled the bad guys. Even if for no other reason than killing all those people in their sleep. We know why Rick felt like he had to do it, but from the outside looking in, they don't look like the good guys. I could be wrong and it will be further on in the season but, wouldn't it be just like them to toy with us that way and the final scene be the death scene. Then we are all left mouth's gaping for another week. Again, I hope it's not true but I can't get it out of my head.

Who do you think it is? Since the moment the blood spilled down the camera in that final scene of Season 6 my gut has said Abraham. Through all the "if it's Daryl we riot" I have always thought Abraham. In the last week or so I've heard a lot of talk about it being Maggie. The first reason being that people see her ring in that gore. I still can't find it. There was also mention about how she fell apart at Comic Con and fans are reading something into that. I still believe it is Abraham, even with the blood spatter on Rick. Maggie was beside him. If it was her it seems like there would be much more spatter. Abraham was the right distance away for the splatter to make sense. The one thing that keeps gnawing at me is how everyone involved keeps saying that we are going to be destroyed when we see it. What would destroy us more than watching him beat Maggie and an unborn baby to death? Everyone on the cast has fans that will be destroyed no matter who it is, but I don't think it could get any worse than that. What are your theories? Post in the comments and let's see who was right.

Waiting on pins and needles for Sunday!!!!!!!

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