Sunday, October 30, 2016

Thank You

First and foremost I want to thank every person that viewed my page this week. Most people don't know that this was a huge project I have been working on for several weeks and counts as a large portion of my grade. This was the execution phase. I think that I have created and posted more content in this last few weeks than I have the whole time I've had my blog. This is my creative outlet. This project forced me to do many things that I did not want to do. All the risks I took did not pay off in the long run. This project has kind of sucked the joy out of it for me too. I just wanted to say Thank You to every person that has followed, viewed, commented, or liked anything that I have posted here and on Social Media this past week. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

My project was a gigantic failure, but I appreciate the support that I got. If you followed or subscribed by email I hope you enjoy my content. I don't usually post this much. This week instead of writing papers for class, executing the project was my focus. If I ever finish school I will be able to put more energy into it and try to turn it into what I want it to be. Then again this week I gave up my anonymity, shared this on Facebook, had several hundred page views a day and got 3 new followers and 2 comments. People just don't get me, but it's OK. I already knew it.
Debbie Downer animated Gif

I hope this doesn't come off Debbie Downer, but I knew this was going to be a dud. I had no choice due to this stupid marketing class that I hate with a passion. I already assumed that if I couldn't get my own Mother to read an essay that I wrote I might not be able to get anyone else to. I was doomed from the start. That's the main reason I never told anyone about it. My family didn't even know. All I can do is the best I can do and hope it's good enough.

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