Thursday, November 3, 2016

I'm still here

First and foremost I need to say Thank You one more time. I so appreciate all the new followers and subscribers I have received. I have been having a great week. The stress of the project is gone and deciding to take this week off from posting has eased the pressure. I also finally got a rejection letter from a job I applied for back in September. I'm sure that sounds odd to be relieved to receive a rejection, but I was literally checking my email 3 or 4 times a day for the last 6 or so weeks waiting for them. Message received stress alleviated. I have had time to make peace, for the most part, with many unfair and downright hurtful things that are going on at work...the reasons I applied for another job in the first place.

I wanted to share a few things I found out from the experience. The mobile site is not as functional as the web version. The follow and email subscription prompts do not show up in mobile. I am trying to find out if I am able to reconfigure and fix that. I had hundreds of page views a few days last week and many were mobile so they didn't even get the option to follow or subscribe. I also found out that Feedburner subscriptions are double opt-in. This is a common practice that I have learned details about recently. When you sign up on a website you are sent a confirmation email with a link that you have to click to finalize the subscription. This is a safeguard to keep your newsletter from ending up in the spam folder. Many websites use this and it was not foreign to me. I walked a friend through how to subscribe yesterday and we discovered that Feedburner is indeed double opt-in. It is a good thing in the long run, but I think it confused people. There may have been others that subscribed but didn't know that they had to click on the confirmation.

Even though last week was very stressful for me and, I'll say it again, my project was a gigantic failure as far as the metrics I was using go, I learned some things about my blog that will help me in the future. Numero Uno being that my mobile layout needs to be reconfigured. Blogger does not give you as much freedom with layout that some of the other blog hosts do. Blogger is a dream come true for beginners due to user friendliness. Now that I have learned so much about website optimization and design, Blogger is not giving me all the options I need to make it what I need it to be. I hope I can figure this out. I have read that when you try to move your .com to another host your Blogger archives get corrupted and it's just hard to make it work. I'd hate to lose 6 years worth of content.

Tiny White Dog Hi-Fiving Someone
I'm leaving you with some cuteness and a promise to get it together and be back next week. How adorable is this stuffed animal come to life?

****UPDATE: Yay I figured out how to fix the mobile layout so it reflects the same content. It doesn't look as good, but maybe I'll be able to tweak it more. Good news though.

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