Monday, November 7, 2016

The Walking Dead || The Cell

Let me just start by saying I hate Dwight. They built this whole episode around feeling empathy for him, but I don’t. I feel like things are going to turn around and he will end up helping Daryl, but it won’t change my mind. Last night was all about finding out how The Saviors live and it’s not good for the most part, although they do have TV and electricity. It looks like some of them are living well but they have to worship Negan. Everyone drops to their feet to kneel as he passes, like peasants to their king. It’s sickening really. The girl (Sherry) that was with Dwight when they met Daryl is here. There is a story there.

They have Daryl in a cell in the dark naked. Dwight is feeding him dog food sandwiches. He is being tortured with sound. Playing the same song over and over and over and won’t let him rest. Someone came to feed him and left the door unlocked. Daryl was able to get out. Sherry found him first and told him to go back, he would not get away. You know our Daryl; he found a row of motorcycles and ran for it. As soon as he did Negan and his flunkies show up, it was test just like everything else with Negan. He tried to break Daryl, but couldn’t do it. Daryl got a beating form Negan’s boys. Sherry came to Daryl’s cell and apologized for what she and Dwight did to him. Daryl told her back in the woods she would be sorry, and she is.

One of the saviors tried to run away, Dwight’s friend, Gordon. Dwight had to go after him. A zombie fell from a bridge and almost fell right on top of him. I wish Dwight would have been killed. He got attacked by dead and got away. He has Daryl’s crossbow, jacket, and motorcycle. He ain’t no Daryl though. Gordon tries to reason with Dwight. He can't understand why there are so many of them and all are blindly following Negan and letting him strip them of everything they have. Dwight threatens him with everything he can think of and Gordon reluctantly agrees to go back. Dude turns around to start walking back and Dwight shoots him in the back. Jackass.

Now we are back with Daryl in the cell. Dwight throws a Polaroid of Glenn after the beating at Daryl yells at him that it’s his fault his friend is dead and closes the door. Then he changes the torture music to a country song crying over you. Daryl broke and finally started grieving. Next we see that Dwight has taken Daryl to Negan. Negan tells Daryl the story of how Dwight got to be who he is. Dwight and Sherry ran away with Sherry’s sister that Negan wanted to marry. When they came back he was going to kill Dwight but Sherry said she would marry Negan to keep Dwight alive. He agreed but still took an iron to Dwight to teach him a lesson. This is where the scars came from. Negan is ready to let Daryl out and make him one of them. He asks the question that all his flunkies obey to, “Who are you?” all his people have to answer I am Negan. Daryl wouldn’t say a word, but when pressed he looked up and said, “I’m Daryl.” I was proud and terrified at the same time. I don’t know why Negan didn’t kill him on the spot, but next scene he is being thrown back in his cell. Dwight is disgusted with him for not obeying. The end of the show is Dwight walking outside and seeing his friend THAT HE SHOT IN THE BACK walking around in a fenced in area where all their pet zombies are. The people that have disobeyed Negan are kept as some kind of pets to rot right in front of them.

The Talking Dead gave us a sneak peek of next week. It is a 90 minute episode and OUR PEOPLE are finally going to be back. I am glad Daryl is ok and the acting in this episode was top notch. Everyone was great, but I’m pissed. All I want to know is how Maggie is. It is MADDENING that they have kept her from us for so long. Until next time, prayers for Daryl and that they give us Maggie next week.

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